Workforce Management

Calabash Group recognises that service delivery is imperative to a good working relationship and Calabash Group utilises a leading workforce management solution that enables us to monitor and manage in real time our remote workforce.

The Ezitracker is an award-winning app designed to provide our Site Managers and Supervisors with real time Site, Contract and Staff information on the go through a mobile device allowing rapid response times and better customer service for our clients.

Main Features:

  • Improved Service Delivery: Get a clear picture of where and when staff and contractors are onsite using the mobile app and provide swift cover for ‘no shows’.
  • Lower payroll costs – prevents payroll overpayments and scope for timesheet abuse by providing 3rd party verification of actual hours worked
  • Improved safeguards for lone working staff – Instant alerts are generated if a remote worker fails to logout after an agreed threshold
  • Reduced administration costs – eliminates the need for checking timesheets, streamlines processes with actual hours linked to our payroll team
  • Achieve working time directive compliance.
  • Evidence SLA’s are being met.
  • Eliminate paper timesheets and related time-keeping disputes.

Ezitracker’s real time capability allows us to monitor and react pro-actively to ever changing clients’ needs ensuring we deliver best of class service first time, every time.

Registered Calabash Group operatives login and logout of the Ezitracker solution when they arrive and depart from site using either a designated landline at your site, free to download App, Biometrics or SMS text. This enables authorised managers to see and monitor the attendance details of all our remote working staff at every registered location, online, in real time. Ezitracker powerful reporting suite allows to manage our workforce ensuring best of class service whilst ensuring maximum productivity.